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So I was bored and from another community dealing with Nine Inch Nails they posted a link to a really funny site making fun of bands. I went to Manson and they had this to say about Pogo.

  • Madonna "Stephen Bier" Wayne Gacy - Second keyboardist, cokehead, and longest lasting member of the band because of his time-honored skills in the arts of fellatio and asskissing. Bears an uncanny resemblance to Fu Manchu.
  • There are some other things you can read them yourself at    http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com


    Someone can help me? I search a interviews on Pogo in Flipside Magazine and Image and/or Interviews from Newspaper for add in the new section of the site.

    Thank you!

    New! yay!

    first thing first, Happy birthday mr. gacy!

    hmm, I'm rip, but if anyone here knows me from any other site, I'm pretty well known as Pogo. it's been my nickname since, well, back before I can remember =/ I'm 17, and I play keyboard, drums, saxophone, and bass guitar, but no one really needs to know that. I go to an art school and am very deeply involved in numerology. happy me! that's all for now! I'll post random stuff as time goes by, hopefully frequently!

    hmm... I love pogo. seriously.
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